Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Figure Eight Island Vacation

This year for our annual June beach vacation with my dad we headed to Figure Eight Island. Figure Eight is a small private island north of Wrightsville beach that you can only access by going through a guard post. The place we stayed was situated on the marsh side and was absolutely fabulous. This was our evening view


We spent a few days on the beach (I failed to take a camera any day) and the girls experienced a few firsts (which I also failed to take pictures of). The girls went on their first ever go-cart ride and saw their first movie theater movie, Cars 2.

One day we decided to stay out of the heat so we headed for the Fort Fisher Aquarium. It is a smaller aquarium and there were lots of other people trying to stay out of the heat so we did a quick tour of the exhibits.

The touch tank:


Making "scared" faces in the Megladon mouth (that eery looking person in the background is my brother :)):


It was a fabulous trip!

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