Thursday, January 13, 2011

Big Girl Maddie

Lately many friends have been commenting on how Maddie is looking older and more like a big girl and I too feel like she is coming out of the two's and preparing to be three. One of the biggest pieces of progress on that front is potty training. Over Christmas Erik was off of work and so he began what we are referring to as "daddy bootcamp". I must admit I was not overly motivated to potty train Maddie and my patience with her strong will was severely lacking and so daddy taking over was exactly what we needed.

It began as most potty training experiences do, the first day or two involve lots of clothes washing and floor scrubbing but by day three Maddie was showing signs of progress. By the middle of week 2 we were taking her out to the grocery store in big girl panties! And this weekend she even told her Sunday school teacher that she had to go potty, so I'm calling her potty-trained :).

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1st-Time Mommy said...

I actually just started getting my son used to the potty and wrote about it here.

It's awesome that you got your little girl trained so fast. Do you think it's true that girls are easier to train than boys?