Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pool Time

Memorial Day Pool Trip

Our pool has been open for several weeks, but this past week was our family's first plunge. On Thursday I woke up to the sun shining and decided to take the girls to the pool. We arrived shortly after it opened and had the pool to ourselves. Anna was a little apprehensive about getting in the water due to all the bugs floating around (it had rained the night before) and Maddie didn't understand the concept of pool break - - so no matter if it was swim time or not, I usually had 1 unhappy kid. Nonetheless we still spent an hour and a half there (including lunch)

On Monday, we went as a family and the girls were much happier. There were lots of friends around and Anna got to do some "swimming" with daddy. Maddie was content to play with her friend's toys on the edge of the pool and was really good at going to her seat for a snack during pool break. This is just the beginning, but I feel more confident than I did last year in bringing both girls to the pool by myself. Here's to a summer at the pool!

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Lucy said...

Hi! I was searching for Raleigh moms, and I got your blog! It's very sweet, and your little girls seem wonderful. I'm a 19-year-old in Raleigh, and I've been looking for moms opinions on whether or not sewing lessons would be something people want. Your girls look like they might be a little young, but I started learning when I was five, so I'm not sure what's a good minimum age, either.
I hope you're having a lovely summer!