Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Every Life has a Story

This morning I took the girls to Greystone Village to meet a few friends at the indoor playground. When we were leaving, we walked to the car and I started putting Maddie in her carseat. A van pulled rather close to me on the other side and so when I went to put Anna in the car and couldn't open the door all the way I was a little perturbed; then the van's door began to open toward me and I was becoming even more irritated. I'm guessing the look on my face wasn't overly pleasant when the lady came around the corner for she began to apologize profusely. She then started explaining to me that she has twins and this was the first time she had traveled with them and had closed all the doors to the car with them inside and then panicked because it was hot in the car. As she berated herself on the quality of mother she was, I was ashamed. I then gave her my mommy peptalk and wished her a good day but it made me think about this video that was done by Chickfila. We all have a story - it shapes who we are and how we may be doing at any moment. So many times I get wrapped up in my own little world and my own inconveniences and I forget that it's not all about me - we all have a story.

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Anna said...

So true. Great post. =)