Monday, March 2, 2009

Standing, Steps & Shoes

Maddie is now 10 months old and exploring the path to walking. She loves to stand up in the middle of the floor and be cheered on. I motion for her to walk to me and undoubtedly, she squats back down into a crawl. She will take a series of two steps and then dives forward into the third which results in a graceful fall to the floor. I must admit I am ready for her to start walking. In my mind it seems like going to the playground or the beach will be "easier" once she is walking and not so close to the things on the ground which she likes to eat. We'll see if that proves true. Here she is:

Maddie standing

In celebration of Maddie's steps, we bought her first pair of walking shoes at Stride Rite. We had hopes that Maddie would be able to wear Anna's shoes but Maddie measured a 3.5 medium whereas Anna's first shoes at 10 months were 5 wide.

Maddie's new shoes

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