Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anna Goes to the Dentist

Yesterday I took Anna for her first dentist appointment. We had been preparing her for weeks telling her all about having her teeth tickled. We practiced counting her teeth and going 'ahhhh'. Mommy and daddy had both been to the dentist a few weeks before and Anna was excited to have her turn. We decided to try out Raleigh Pediatric Dentistry on the recommendation of a few friends and due to the proximity to our house. My husband watched Maddie and off Anna and I went. The waiting room was really cool with lots of fish, toys, books and video games - at this point I think I was definitely more nervous than Anna (I get a little anxiety about going to the dentist myself). The hygienist came out to meet Anna and was super bubbly and nice. Anna was a little shy but warmed up when the lady gave her a Dora sticker. I really liked how both the hygienist and dentist walked me through every step they were about to make before they made it and I felt reassured at all times even if Anna didn't really understand what was going on. When it came time for them to brush Anna's teeth, Anna sat on my lap and we laid her back onto the hygienist's lap. This caused a little bit of panic in Anna who immediately started crying. I guess one key thing I forgot to prepare her for was the laying back into someone else's lap - I know for next time. It was sad to watch but was quickly over and Anna then got to pick out a prize from the treasure chest which made her day. I highly recommend this dental practice!

A few things I learned/recommendations that were made to me:

* It is recommended to use a fluoride toothpaste at Anna's age; though only use a tiny amount.
* It is not expected that kids can spit out their toothpaste until age 4 (I thought we had to master this before changing toothpastes).
* The next tooth that Anna will get is an adult tooth around age 6 (she has all of her 20 baby teeth)
* They recommend giving up the sippy cup at age 2 and that beverages, besides water, are consumed in a big girl cup at mealtime

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