Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lima beans, turkey, mac & cheese, peaches, pears, cheerios

That is what Anna had for lunch today....

As I talk with other moms in my neighborhood group, the biggest challenge for many of us right now is feeding the little ones. Of those I know that are around the 10 month mark, most of them have given us moms the "no thank you" when we try to feed them baby food with a spoon. Anna's version of "no thank you" was a forceful arm trying to knock the spoon from my hand :). So if they are not eating baby food, then what? Though the doctor gave me some direction as to what Anna can and cannot eat, I still have trouble. There are many meals where I stand at the refrigerator and try to find something that Anna may eat. Many nights I will try 6 different items before I feel Anna has eaten enough. I am excited that Anna can now eat most of what we cook for dinner which will cut down on our grocery bill, but it is still rather confusing!

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