Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trading in the Car Seat

In a previous blog I mentioned Anna's new car seat. That car seat has now been swapped with a different one due to some of the problems we were having getting Anna in it securely. It was difficult for us to get the over-the-shoulder harness straps even and so one strap would be tight and the other very loose. This made it time consuming to put Anna in the seat well (and since she doesn't like getting in it in the first place, there was more fussing). We recently purchased a Britax Roundabout and put it in my car. It is much easier to put Anna in it and it has a few cool features as well:

- easier to install correctly into the car; the fireman didn't have to make any adjustments
- extra cushioning which makes it comfy
- cushioning around the fastener between the legs so that little chubby legs don't get pinched
- velcro to attach the straps to the side of the car seat when Anna is not in it rather than having them fall back into the seat; it's not a biggie to move the straps before putting her in the car, but it is a nice "extra"

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