Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nine Month Appointment

Anna had her 9 month appointment today and all went well except she has her first yeast infection :(. Two days ago I had noticed a few bumps that looked like a diaper rash but after piling on the Desitin, the rash only got worse. Luckily, we had the appointment anyway and were able to get a prescription.

Anna weighed 21 lbs 13.5oz (85th percentile), was 27.25 inches (45th percentile), and her head has moved up into the 95th percentile at 46.3 cm. She received her 3rd and final Hepatitis B vaccine.

The biggest question for me at this stage is how much to feed Anna. The doctor said that at this age they don't typically overeat and will tell you when they are full. He encouraged me to give Anna more meats and even to try giving her hamburger and grilled chicken. Besides eggs, peanut butter, shellfish, and milk - it seems the sky is the limits.

The next visit is at 12 months.

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