Saturday, July 19, 2014

Eli 4 & 5 months

Eli has been busy growing. At his 4 month appointment he was:

Weight: 17 3/4 lbs
Height: 27 inches

He's now wearing 12-18 month clothes! He's had a little bit of foods including rice cereal, sweet potatoes and pears.

Ava feeding Elijah rice cereal #firstfoods #bigsisterbighelper

Eli has rolled over a few times from his belly to his back but probably needs to spend more time on his belly.
photo (27)

I love how he watches me or his sisters as we move about the house though lately he's started crying if he sees me walk away. He's learned how to hang out in the exersaucer and jumperoo.


At night Eli goes to bed around 7 and is getting up 2-3 times :(.

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