Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Heart of a 6 Year Old

I wrote this to put in Anna's "box of memories":

To Anna
From Mommy
April 9, 2013

You are 6 years old and you amaze me. You want to put others first and just today you asked me when you could go to Africa to tell people about Jesus.

So that we will always remember...

At your Kindergarten easter party one of mom’s shared about Jesus and told the parents that 11 kids in your class had prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts when she came in October. On the way home from the party I asked you if you had raised your hand to pray the prayer. You said, no mommy, you could only raise your hand if it was your first time praying the prayer. (you are a rule follower just like your momma :)).

Today as we were talking about Africa and telling others about Jesus I asked you about the time you asked Jesus into your heart. You told me it was one night in your bed by yourself after I left from tucking you in and you made the decision to pray and ask Jesus into your heart.

I pray as you grow older and storms may come your way that you will always seek Jesus and remember that He is in your heart to stay. God loves you so much and so do I, Anna Grace.

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