Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maddie Time

Maddie and I miss Anna while she is at preschool but we're also having a lot of fun (when we're not sick!). Maddie's favorite thing to do has been to go to playgrounds which she describes to me in the car by telling me how many slides they have. I have still yet to find the "2 slide" playground that she so desperately wants to go to. It has been nice to pack a lunch and just hang out together.

Another fun "find" that we made today was an entrance to the Upper Neuse Greenway Trail with a parking lot. I've been talking about wanting to go find the trail but although it is only .5 mile from our house, such a walk would wear out the kids before we got there. Then today as we were riding down the road I saw the parking lot, which is not hidden at all from view (why I have not noticed it before I have no clue). So Maddie and I parked and went for a little adventure walk.

I look forward to exploring more and taking some bikes over to let the girls ride around.

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