Friday, June 17, 2011

A First Step

'Mommy, read the bible to me', Maddie asks as she walks past. This bible that I placed on the dinner table just days before for the very purpose to be read and for truth to be spoken into our family's lives. I had been chewing on this blog article I read recently from Ann Voskamp entitled One Habit that Radically Changes a Family about their tradition of reading the bible after every meal feeling inspired to take a first step.

Our first step has been to simply put the bible on the table where we eat three meals a day. It is there and so we read. And when we stop reading, the girls want more and I can say at the next meal we will continue, and we do. It is a simple first step. And now the hard part that follows is the will to do it. When life gets busy, when we're rushing to the next thing, when we don't land at that dinner table.

Today is Friday, and every Friday we have lunch out with daddy and so we found ourselves at a different table today. But when Maddie came home, she saw the bible on the table and remembered, so we sat down and read. I am thankful for first steps that prayerfully lead to tradition.

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