Sunday, April 10, 2011


Through the ages and stages of the girls there have been some ups and downs when it comes to bedtime of course, but tonight as I put them to bed I couldn't help but smile (and then sneak in to take pictures of their sweetness).

Anna has always been the one to not want to go to bed. I can remember at a few months old rocking her until she fell asleep only to creep across the carpet, gently lay her into her crib where she would instantly wake and the process would begin again. As she got a little older she was that child that was left in her room to cry herself to sleep with her mom sitting in the hallway outside her door crying too in hopes that she would "learn" how to go sleep. As Anna has gotten older, rather than tears, it's endless questions, lots of tossing and turning and many nights that I am going to bed late and find her still awake. She just lays in bed and thinks and some nights I like to lay there with her and just listen. We have talked about our days, planned birthday parties that are months away (Anna and I are two peas in a pod) and often that is when she tells me things that have scared her or hurt her feelings that day. It is precious time.

One great addition to Anna's bedtime has been God's Little Princess Devotional Bible by Sheila Walsh. It gives us a structured nightly reading of scripture with a few questions on Anna's level. I love the consistency it has brought to us reading the bible with her at night.

Maddie had sleep issues of her own in the beginning BUT she eventually became one of those kids that you could lay down in the crib and she would fall asleep on her own (after having Anna and reading all those sleep books, I never would have thought they worked until Maddie came along!). As she got older and moved into a big girl bed she would happily get in her bed with a puzzle and work it until she was tired and lay down to sleep. Even now she doesn't want me to lay down with her and cuddle but would rather be left with her bible to look at. It is sweet to walk into her room at night and see her asleep with her bible open beside her, I pray it would always be so.

Sweet dream!

Sweet Dreams

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