Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lessons in Writing

These days Anna much prefers drawing to playing with her toys. She could go through 100 pieces of paper a day if I let her so I keep a pile of scrap paper and old mail for her to draw on. She has graduated from scribbles to pictures of people and now LOVES to write. Anna is constantly asking me to spell words.


I'm convinced Anna got her writing style from her Mimi. Anna starts with her left hand 'A' 'N' and then she will switch to her right to finish. I'm guessing the hand she uses is dependant on where she is on the paper and what is more comfortable but I'm not exactly sure.



Through this writing time, I am also seeing some of Anna's personality and just how much encouragement her tender heart needs on a regular basis. Any letter written that does not meet her own standards often results in a rage of "I can't do it!" and the end of writing for the day. Any new letter she often practices in private until she gets it "just right" and then comes to show me. I have a feeling this will be a struggle for Anna long after she perfects writing the alphabet and I pray that as a mom I can help her to gain confidence not only in herself but most importantly, in the Lord.

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