Saturday, January 23, 2010

What we've been up to...

I think I've had too many thoughts about what I should blog about lately and so, obviously, I just haven't blogged at all.

We started the year, New Year's Day to be exact, with a case of the stomach bug which I'm guessing Anna picked up on one the rides at Sea World?????? Anna spent the next 5 days laying around the house and carrying her bucket with her wherever she went "just in case". It was so sad for all Anna wanted was to drink and eat and yet even a sip of water would cause her to vomit. We ended up at the doctor's office where she was given a shot of Zofran to help with nausea and a warning that if we were not strict about her liquid consumption, we would be in the hospital with an IV. Thankfully, the shot did the trick and Anna made a quick recovery. That night, Maddie started vomiting... 4 days later my husband was nauseas for a day. I impatiently waited for 5 more days to see if I would fall as well. Thankfully I did not. We are well for now and I'm praying against the sickness that is everywhere. The stomach virus is still going around, little ones are being hospitalized for RSV, then there's the common cold and flu. I can't wait for spring!

Our "school" time has also changed a lot with the new year. Before I was relying on a lot of coloring sheets to teach Anna things such as the alphabet and numbers which Anna is no longer interested in. Anna LOVES to play games! From the time she gets up in the morning until she goes to bed at night she is constantly asking to play a game. And I have found that she is learning more than ever. I love the constant conversation that takes place during the games and how she remembers the rules. Last week Anna had a little friend over and they went up to Anna's room by themselves and played Candyland, so cute!

Here are a few of our current favorite games:

CandyLand - colors
Colorama - colors and shapes
Leapfrog Alphabet Go Fish
Curious George Super Helper
Hi Ho Cheerio

We also make up a lot of games using flashcards and other things around the house. I actually just ordered a laminator to make some homemade games such as file folder and bag games. We'll see how that goes.

Maddie is also growing up so fast and is saying so many words. Her favorite activities right now are to play with Mega Bloks and Little People. Most of the time Maddie is happy sitting by herself and playing with one of these things.

Life is so fun and happening so fast, I'm just trying to soak it all in. Happy January!

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