Monday, February 2, 2009

Local Community Centers

Last week I was introduced to Tot Time at two of our local community centers. Basically it is an open gym for the little ones. Mats and toys are on the floor for the crawlers and balls, hoolahoops, and ride-on toys are scattered around the gym for the walkers. With the cold weather keeping us inside, this was a great time to let Anna run around (plus, it's free!). Our experience at each was very different...

Green Road Community Center: On Thursday we went to Green Road to meet a few friends. When I walked in with the girls there were only two other moms/kids. Anna seemed to feel very comfortable there and immediately took off to play with the toys. Because there were only a few people there, every kid had a surplus of toys. Maddie enjoyed crawling around on the mats and playing with the blocks and push toys. Anna rode around in a toy car. For me, it was a very stress-free environment. I could keep an eye on both kids at once and there was nothing for them to get into. When my friends arrived, we were able to watch the kids and actually have a conversation.

Lake Lynn Community Center: After a great experience on Thursday, I decided to join another friend at the Lake Lynn Community Center on Friday. The moment we walked into this gym Anna grabbed my leg and did not let go - there were approximately 45 kids running around! At this gym there was the addition of basketball and soccer goals but there were just not enough toys to go around. Whenever Anna would spot a toy she wanted to play with and run after it, another kid would get there before her. I also didn't feel comfortable putting Maddie on the ground because she kept getting hit with basketballs (heavy!). My friend told me there were double the kids there that week so we may try it again and see if it is less crowded. If your child enjoys running around with lots of kids, this is probably the place for you!

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